Click My Link! January 10, 2013

How on earth did it get to be January 10th already? Anyway, here are some links:

Want to read some Star Wars books, but don't know where to start? Suggestions from Tor.

Richard Blanco will be your (first gay, Latino) inaugural poet. Check your collection--his most recent title is Looking for the Gulf Motel (2012).

The 10 Commandments of a Righteous Readerly Life. Including: "It is not up to thee to save readerly humanity from itself."

Spielberg nixes plans to film Robopocalypse.

From The AtlanticSpace Cartoons to Space Psychedelia: How SF Book Covers Evolved. Shiny!

10 Works of Literary Fantasy to Jumpstart Your Imagination.

According to io9, all the essential SF and Fantasy books coming out in 2013, helpfully organized by month. More shiny!

The Guardian talks with readers about their Reading Resolutions.

12 "must read" erotic novels from She Knows Love.

From Book Riot, Grumpy Old Men and the Books They Hate: "Sneering at their books could kill a fledgling reader like a boot crunching on a butterfly. Making budding readers ashamed of what they’re reading and making them feel like they have to read the Right Sort of Books is a great way to turn a newfound pleasure into an obligation, and that’ll do with any pastime. No one likes being sneered at. And let’s cut the bullshit here: it’s bullying, simple as that."

The dirt on Patricia Cornwell's real-life trial. (I couldn't help myself--Helga)

Just for Fun:

Darth Vader can't hear you.

The first TV spot for Warm Bodies:



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