Click My Link: January 25, 2013

Infographic: Who reads Ebooks? (I do, I do!)

Infographic: Can Ebooks and Libraries coexist?

Connecticut tries the legislative approach to ebooks and libraries. Text of the bill here. (Interesting!)

Macmillan jumping into the library ebooks pool.

The Digital Reader's take on the Macmillan news

Over at AudioGals, they're wrapping up Sandra Brown week.

The Top 50 Christian Bestsellers for 2012 as reported by the ECPA

Anatomy of a Fantasy book cover: Michael Whelan talks A Memory of Light (he's designed some of my very favorite covers.)

EarlyWord has the Procrastinator's Guide to Midwinter 2013 --- but you don't have to read it've got time!

And in more "movies I didn't know where based on books" news, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is getting a sequel. Based on Book 5 of the series

Just for fun:

A Loki seduction: Tom Hiddleston reads Lord Byron's She Walks in Beauty.

Timeline for The Lord of the Rings told in a giant ring-shaped chart.


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