Click My Link: January 18, 2013

Happy Friday links!

A London man finds only the second known, Mary Shelley inscribed copy of Frankenstein. (I wonder what else Grandpa has hiding on those shelves!)

Jim Hines continues his battle against sexist SF/F covers.  (and I love him for it!)

Forbes' talks about Why Public Libraries: and how they can do more

Can the public library deliver that "golden egg"?  

ABEbooks talks the 50 Essential Science Fiction Books. (your mileage may vary...)

Penguin to start delivering POD books via Espresso

10 Novels to solve all of your problems.

Upon the death of Dear Abby, Galley cat tells us about 20 songs that were Dear Abby inspired.

Why the hell would anyone put up a "Do Not Read" list?  No, seriously.  (and I laughed hysterically, so I'm part of the problem!)

Was 2012 the Year of Hand-Me-Down readers?

Just for fun:

Making of "Lincoln" featurette.


Suzanne said…
I always think of you when I see the "Do Not Read" segment on Fallon. :-)

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