Click My Link! January 23, 2013

Diamond releases Top Graphic Novel Charts for 2012. (Scroll all the way down for indie publishers.)

"Lewd, lecherous, or obscene nature and intent" (and dangerous to know?)

David Fincher in talks to direct big screen version of Gone Girl.

James Franco brings American Tabloid to the big screen. (Books news with bonus Franco! Win.)

BBCA bringing "classic" Doctor Who to the States.

Jim C. Hines explains "Cover Art -- so where's the problem?" complete with some covers that are getting it RIGHT!

Book buying is, apparently, a difficult thing for bookstores to do.

The Shortlist for the UK's "Romantic Novel of the Year"

"From Washington to Washington" linking President Obama's inaugural speech to ALA Midwinter.

Zombieland the TV Show heads to

Self published bestseller lists from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Smashwords (via Galleycat).

10 Books to read instead of watching MTV's Buckwild. (Wait, there is going to be a "redneck Jersey Shore?!")

Just for Fun:

A clip from the upcoming Beautiful Creatures based on the book by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


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