Click My Link: January 30, 2013

Happy Wednesday! Let's all try to survive.

J.D. Salinger to be the focus of a "major biography" due out in September 2013.

NFL team name makeovers: literary style! (The Washington Irvings) needs to be a team right now!

A quilt hanging in our library for the annual Meet the Artist exhibit causes a stir. (Art in libraries. Yea or Nay? Love to hear your thoughts on this!)

"What genre (SF/F) novels would benefit from a re-branding as young adult? Which YA novels should NOT be branded as such?" (This was a question when some of these novels were released. I remember the Dragonlance Chronicles and the Lackey books being labeled YA in some places.)

From the Swiss Army Librarian, a post on how to stop the Scientologists from sending books to your library. Now we just need the same thing for Warren Jeffs.

Amy Poehler has a book contract!

Let’s not forget about the adult books that won awards at ALA Midwinter. (Yay for The Rook!)

First Drafts: Poem for a President. (Robert Frost’s handwriting!)


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