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"Now in eBook Format!" stickers at the Sacramento PL. Yea or nay?

"Secret Lives of Readers": on the ethnography of reading: "How do we recover the reading experiences of the past? Lately scholars have stepped up the hunt for evidence of how people over time have interacted with books, newspapers, and other printed material."

APA surveys show growth in audiobook sales. "The average age of an audiobook listener (in any format) is 51; and their average income is $76,000. The average age of download audiobook listeners is 44; their average income skews higher at $84,000. The 25-34 age range shows a slight preference for the digital format."

Our friend @librarymary40 writes about baby steps in collection analysis.

In North Carolina, the library of the future has book robots.

Favorite SF/F covers of 2012. (A great list!)

A series in time -- on the end of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. (AAAAH TODAY IS THE DAY-Helga)

Jay-Z vs. Jay Gatsby (Hint: Only one of them is married to Queen B...)

Ebook "buyers" have few rights. (Consumers, listen up...)

Douglas County, Smashwords Refine Tools for Bulk Ebook Purchases. "Smashwords responded by developing a simple new mathematical ratings model—total sales by author divided by their total number of books—to help identify titles that were truly in demand. The bestseller list was then based on this model, and specific filters requested by DCL were applied. DCL then had the opportunity to further weed the proposed collection using an early version of a new online procurement system that Smashwords developed for the Library Direct service." Is it just me, or did they kind of cop out on buying erotica?

Just for Fun:

Zombie sheets!

And, because it is never too soon for baseball, a featurette on Jackie Robinson biopic '42' which is out April 13th.


A friend of ours runs the robots at the NC State Library. My husband calls it "his robot army."

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