Click My Link! January 14, 2013

National Book Critics Circle Award finalists announced.

Lit Reactor talks about winter in Fantasy, for some recommendations on what to read after being frozen by George R. R. Martin.

An article on Georgette Heyer at the Wall Street Journal, of all places. "Her reaction to being plagiarized by the "slightly illiterate" Barbara Cartland? "I would rather by far that a common thief broke in and stole all the silver."

Warner Brothers wins legal control of Superman franchise.

10 private book collections of famous readers.  

Conspiracy theories about classic literary characters (who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory?!)

Up with Chris Hayes talked with four fiction writers (Ayana Mathis, Michael Chabon, George Saunders, and Victor Lavelle) about politics and rhetoric.

Stella Rimington, former MI5 director turned author, talks loving James Bond.

The Guardian Cultural Professionals Network asks "What does a library look like in 2013?" I'm curious to hear the answer myself!

San Antonio readying the first bookless public library

Kids' E-Book Reading Nearly Doubled Since 2010, Scholastic Survey Finds.

Just for Fun:

Password? Wonder Woman needs no password.

 June will see the premier of Stephen King's Under the Dome.

Happy Monday!


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