Click My Link: January 17, 2013

Love is in the links....

It is time for Digital Book World!  If you're on twitter, you can follow along at hashtag #DBW13.  Authors and publisher and book tweets. Check it out.

Real life stories behind 10 famous love songs.

Adam Mansbach on his new book and what's in a title.  (Hard to top Go the Fuck to Sleep as far as titles go...)

Bill Cosby's Speed Reading Tips! 

10 Literary Board Games for Book Nerds. (redundant?)

And the Edgar nominees are.....

Dust off your JoePa biographies (or at least, don't throw them away!) Al Pacino and Brian DePalma are making a movie.

Just for fun:

Making of Game of Thrones S3 videolog #2!

Happy Thursday!


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