Click My Link: January 31, 2013

Happy Whatever Day This Is!

Ampersand squabble! S&S and B&N in dispute over terms.

Lori Reed asks (and answers) What can libraries do to instill a lifetime of learning and relearning?

A cool infographic-esque look at Richard Stark's (Donald Westlake) Parker series.

The 10 rights of a reader

Hillary Clinton talks possible memoir.

Tom Hardy to star in Tom Rob Smith's Child 44.

From Linda Holmes at NPR: Coastal Snobbery, 'The Masses,' and Respecting the Lowest Common Denominator:

"But somehow in culture, "lowest common denominator" has become a way to describe not what's unifying but what's worst, as if we all come together where we are awful and stupid. In fact, when we do all come together in large numbers, it's usually not where we are awful and stupid, particularly not because we are awful and stupid. We come together where there's enough commonality to let people talk to each other about the same thing. How did that become a slam, unless we assume that the purpose of culture, and of our own tastes, is to efficiently separate those who favor wheat from those who are more into chaff?"

Lots of books (and authors) hitting the talk show circuit this week. Here is a lineup.

Tommy Mottola, Hitmaker: the man and his music on Today.

Al Gore, The Future on Today.

George Saunders, The Tenth of December on Colbert Report.


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