Click My Link! January 24, 2013

Libraries: Good Value, Lousy Marketing (more responses to the recent Pew poll).

Info Tech and Public Libraries: Edge Benchmarks 1.0.

Do YOU HQ? (More than 7,200 libraries do!)

From DBW13: Libraries offer Publishers local marketing advantage

The Word of the day is: Integration: Sirsi/Dynix & Overdrive; Sirsi/Dynix & 3M.

With a nod to our academic friends: "The State of Large Publisher Bundles in 2012."

Ingram integrating new ebook lending model.

10 Bestselling Novels (and who should adapt them).

It's 2013 -- Where's that Kindle library ebook support we were promised?

Classic Choose Your Own Adventure books are now available on the iPad.

A new Song of Ice and Fire novella by George R.R. Martin will be included in the upcoming anthology Dangerous Women, which Martin is co-editing.

Meet New York's loyal public library patrons. (I love this!)

Margaret Atwood thinks you should read whatever you want.  “Nor did I make any distinctions between great literature and any other kind. I just liked reading.” (Told you!)

Finalists for the Man Booker International Prize announced.

Two readers suing Lance Armstrong (and Random House and Penguin) for presenting fiction as autobiography. (Really?)

Open Access Emily Dickinson Archive Coming This Fall.

26 Books to Read Before They're Adapted into 2013 Movies.

The 25 Best Books About Abraham Lincoln. (Bet you can't' read just one?)

More Downtown Abbey read-alikes! Part One and Part Two.

Just for Fun:

16 great library scenes in film. (Excellent list, even if my favorite scene (from The Mummy) isn't included.

Infographic: Charting the Steampunk trend. (Very cool!) 

Book trailer: Myke Cole's Shadow Ops series.

And that's the links!  Happy Thursday.


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